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Lighthouse of Sivota

The lighthouse on the island Mavro Oros, was manufactured in 1884, by the French company of Ottoman Lighthouses, equipped with an illuminating catadioptric device of D class. Its 14m high white octagon tower has a focal length of 87m and a luminescence range of 12 nautical miles. It has been integrated in the Greek Lighthouse …

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Settlement of Vrachonas

Built on the mountain Vrachonas, on the southeast side of the present village of Sivota. The abandoned settlement is formed by 50 stone built, two-storey houses, with dome-shaped structure on the ground level. In 1993 the ottoman settlement was declared “protected historical monument”.

Tumulus of Parapotamos

The mound of 5m.height is surrounded by a circular precinct, scantly preserved mainly along the southern side of the tumulus. Across the tumulus surface a total of 88 graves have been revealed, mostly cist graves along with seven pit graves and a burial in a vessel.

Roman Cemetery at Mazarakia

200 graves of various categories have been excavated: tile graves, pits covered with stones, pits without coverage and stone built graves as well as burial monuments. All kinds of funerary practices have been used, i.e. cremation, interment and burial in pots.

Ancient Elina – Dymokastro

Coastal fortified settlement, covering an area of 22 hectares, divided in three sectors, built on consecutive plateaus along the hill and enclosed within successive fortification circuits. During the time of its foundation habitation was restricted on the smooth and leveled eastern part of the hill, where two “citadels” are situated. In Hellenistic times the fortification …

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The hill of Doliani is abundant with archaeological remains covering a wide chronological range from antiquity to post -Byzantine (Ottoman) period. The settlement, in the northern and eastern sides and in the accessible parts of the naturally protected western side, it is fortified with a strong double isodomic wall, which underwent multiple restoration and additional …

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Castle of Margariti

According to historic engravings, the shape of the castle appears to be triangular or quadrangular, with strong large towers on all corners. Furthermore, it appears that there are also buildings inside the castle. In fact, in the Camozio(1574) and Coronelli’s (1688) engravings there are also a mosque and a large circular building. However the current …

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Castle of Igoumenitsa

The castle was constructed right above an ancient fortress of the late roman period. The fortification wall has undergone repairs in various periods of times, while today reaches in parts a height of 6m.and an average thickness of 2m. The main gate is located in the middle of the eastern side, which was strengthened by …

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