Zekate House

The Zekate House is located in the highest point of Palorto neighborhood. It was built around 1811-1812 for an accountant called Beqir Zeko during Ali Pasha’s rule. The majestic appearance of the building is the symbol of the elites of the time. The Zekate House is a particularly grand example of the typical kullë (tower-house). This incredible three-storey house has twin towers and a great double-arched façade. It’s fascinating to nose around the almost unchanged interiors of an Ottoman-era home, especially the upstairs galleries, which have carved wooden ceilings, stained-glass windows and detailed wall frescoes. The house was declared First category monument of culture since 1971, by Albanian Government

The building is open for visitors and gives the opportunity to see the traditional buildings of Gjirokaster in its complexity offering stunning views of the valley. The living room (called Oda), decorated with charm and the attic in the center of the upper floor, are two of the most unique elements of the interior. This monument is especially important due the inscription of Gjirokastra, and later both Berat and Gjirokastra in UNESCO as rare examples of an architectural character typical of the Ottoman period; and for their vernacular buildings. It bears witness to the wealth and diversity of the urban and architectural heritage of this region.