Bazaar Mosque

The Bazaar Mosque, also known as Memi Bey Mosque, is located in Gjirokastër, Albania. Re-built in 1757 it is located in the Bazaar neighborhood. The mosque was originally designed to be located in the New Bazaar neighborhood of Gjirokastër, as part of Memi Pasha’s urban plan that was built in the 17th century including fifteen mosques that were originally built in the city during the Ottoman era.

Only thirteen survived till the establishing of communism. The mosque was elevated to “Cultural Monument” status by the Albanian government in 1973, sparing its destruction by the totalitarian communist regime of Albania. The remaining twelve mosques were subsequently demolished. Access to the minaret, which has 99 steps and represents the 99 names of God as given in the Qu’ran, it’s in the corner.