Kordhocë Bridge

Located about two kilometers south of Gjirokastër, Kordhoca Bridge is one of the most important Ottoman period buildings in Epirus. The stone arch bridge spans the Drino river at a maximum height of 7 meters, stretching about 20 meters with a width of 3.7 meters. According to historians, it was built around 1820 and at that time, it was the main hub connecting three cities, Gjirokastër, Libohovë, and Ioannina. It is currently an important link between Mali i Gjerë area and Dropull. It was considered a place of exceptional esthetic values given the unique oriental and Ottoman architectural character, the decorative arches, and the masonry. Under the communist regime, it was often used as the main film shooting scene, mainly for themes related to events dating from the xix-th till the early xx-th century. It is no longer preserved as it should have been by the state.