The importance of the cultural heritage of Arta and ways to enhance its importance on a spatial and social scale

The Laboratory of Knowledge & Intelligent Computing of the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications, University of Ioannina, will hold a series of events on 27 & 28 July 2021, in the framework of the implementation of the SMARTiMONY project which is funded by the Cross-Border Cooperation Program “Greece – Albania 2014-2020”.

On Tuesday, July 27, 2021, at 19:30 will take place in the courtyard of the Historical Museum “Garoufaleios Stegi” Discussion and Co-creative Evaluation of the Cultural Significance of the monuments of Arta. Participants, representatives of organizations and active citizens, will have the opportunity to discuss the tourist image of Arta and the importance of its cultural heritage, through the exchange of views, suggesting ways to increase its levels of importance in space ( global, national, regional, local), economic and social (nation, community, group, family, personal) scale.

The main topics of discussion will be the development of the Cultural & Creative Industries in Arta, which are internationally a new field of business with a significant contribution to the economy, society, culture and tourism. In addition, emphasis will be placed on the utilization of digital technology applications in Culture, which make a dynamic contribution to the rational, sustainable and productive management, promotion and protection of cultural heritage, while creating new possibilities and opportunities for access to cultural goods in ways that were not possible. by traditional and conventional means.


On Wednesday, July 28, 2021, at 10:30 will be held in the Event Hall of the Archaeological Museum of Arta, a Consultation Event for the Utilization of Cultural Heritage. The event will present innovative methodologies for designing and implementing the Cultural Experience aimed at Arta as well as the results of qualitative and quantitative research conducted in the area of ​​Arta, which was attended by all potential stakeholders, active citizens and entrepreneurs from the Cultural and Creative Industry. Also, the cooperation and participation agreement in the SMARTiMONY network will be presented.

The meetings will be held live observing all the necessary sanitary measures.

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