Promotion of the short-length movie "Pirro & Antigona"

Mirmengjes Shqiperi” is one of the most popular morning shows hosted by the most important public TV, TVSH. The interview topic was the promotion of the short-length movie “Pirro & Antigona” as a production realized in the frames of SMARTiMONY project. This interview was the best way to promote the movie and the project itself via a public and highly followed media prior to the premier delivered yesterday at Tirana Open Theater else known as the Amphitheater of Tirana and on Tuesday in Deropoli Film Festival. Both RCDC’s expert and the film producer made sure to deliver a wealth of information regarding the movie and the project focusing particularly on the innovative side of it in terms of promoting the values and similarities of both territories.

Deropoli Film Festival
PB4-RCDC's team in Open Theater of Tirana