Presentation of Innovative Digital Applications in Cultural Heritage

In the framework of the information day of the project CD-ETA: Collaborative Digitization of Natural & Cultural Environment, which took place online on 1 & 2 December 2020, the scientific responsible of the Lead Partner, Prof. Chrysostomos Stylios, presented the idea of the innovative digital applications for the cultural heritage, that will be developed for the SMARTiMONY project, and will aim at highlighting cultural routes and points of interest in the cross-border area.

Prof. Stylios referred to the interesting issue of digital transformation. He focused his speech on the Storytelling system(Inventory), an innovative and interactive presentation of the cultural monuments and events, which seek to break the vicious circle of low-quality narratives in tourism and improve the end-user experience via quality content. He also mentioned that the digital applications of the SMARTiMONY Project in cultural heritage provide the end-user unprecedented opportunities for access to the cultural material. Digital applications can be exploited by stakeholders to attract a wider audience, while the users can gain unprecedented opportunities for access to the monuments, such as high- definition 360° videos.