First Study Visit of the project SMARTiMONY

On 30 July 2020, the Laboratory of Knowledge and Intelligent Computing-University of Ioannina organized the First Study Visit of the project SMARTiMONY, which took place in Arta. Representatives of Project Beneficiaries, stakeholders, and experts related to sectors of cultural heritage and tourism participated in the activity showing great enthusiasm and had the opportunity to discuss issues about cultural heritage assets’ promotion and highlighting.

The Study Visit aims to advance heritage tourism by delivering high-quality experiences at heritage places and communicating cultural values: from natural monuments and ecosystems to sites and collections, from the arts to traditions and handicrafts. It is needed to demonstrate how the values of tangible-intangible, movable-immovable, and spiritual heritage assets can become catalysts for regeneration and development by being revealed and communicated.

The LB (University of Ioannina) was responsible for the onsite training of partners and stakeholders during this Study Visit. The onsite Work-Based Learning (WBL) Session was conducted at Castle of Arta, Saint Basil, Saint Theodora, Temple of Apollo, Ancient Theatre of Amvrakia, Panaghia Parigoritissa, Panaghia of Vlacherna, Bridge of Arta, Amvrakikos Wetlands National Park, Panaghia Rodia, Lighthouse Koprena, by experts in these fields.

The following is part of the photographic material collected by the first visit: