3rd Study Visit and Evaluation Workshop in Gjirokaster, Albania

The Institution of Prefect of Gjirokastra Region organised and realised a study visit, on 13th of September 2021 and an evaluation workshop on 14th of September 2021, for the presentation of the Project and its objectives to the public and raise awareness and to identifying the heritage potential to enhance resilience and knowledge innovation in the Gjirokastra and to prepared and implemented several activities before, during and after the event.

The 3rd STUDY VISIT and ONSITE TRAINING in the UNESCO enlisted Historic Centre of Gjirokastra/AL focused on service quality and more particular in the quality of experience.

During this event the Prefect of Gjirokastra Region Mr. Odise Kote, participated and gave a welcome speech to the participants. In addition, an opening speech and introduction of the project was presented by the project manager for Institution of Prefect of Gjirokastra Region, Mr. Arian Korkuti. The event was attended by professors of “Aleksander Moisiu University”, “Catholic University of Tirana” and “Eqrem Çabej University”, specifically Doc. Dr. Gentian Ruspi and Prof. Ass. Klodian Muço, and Dr. Daniela Qiqi who held an academic presentation, where they discussed about the historical information of ten historic sites and economic information about the promotion and revenue of this sites. During the event 10 historical culture heritage monuments were visited and presented by Doc. Dr. Gentian Ruspi; Prof. As. Klodian Muço, as follows;

– “Gjirokastra’s Bazaar”, “Bazaar Mosque”,  “Babameto House”, “Çerçiz Topulli House”, “Gjirokastra Fortress”, “Church of the Transfiguration of the Savior”, “Skëndulaj House”, “Kadare House”, “Ethnographic Museum”, “Zekate House”.