3rd Steering Committee Meeting of the SMARTiMONY Project

On Saturday, 7th of May 2022, the 3rd Steering Committee Meeting of the SMARTiMONY Project was held in the facilities of the KIC-LAB of the Department of Informatics & Telecommunications of the University of Ioannina (Campus of Arta), with the onsite and online presence of all Project Partners.  

The director of the Laboratory of Knowledge and Intelligent Computing (Kic-Lab) and Scientific Responsible for the SMARTiMONY Project, Prof. Chrysostomos Stylios opened the meeting by presenting an overview of the Project. In addition, he focused on the following steps that every partner has to follow so that the project will be progressing on schedule.

Later on, a constructive and detailed discussion followed between the Project Partners about all the significant milestones of the Project. Mrs. Matilda Naco (RCDC), Mr. Telis Karapiperis (Municipality of Thesprotia) and Mrs. Aurora Lazaj (Prefecture of Gjirokastra) presented the progress that have been made from the beginning of the Project so far.

After that, representatives of the Lead Partner took the floor.  They presented the methodology they followed in order to implement the deliverables of SMARTiMONY, such as the Statements of Significance of the ten heritage geolocations in the Regional Unit of Arta. Next, one of the tenth final Statements of Significance was presented. The Statements of Significance are a useful tool mainly for the 40 Narratives (Storytelling) that the Partners will deliver. The financial analysis was followed for the monitoring, and reporting, alongside the eligibility of expenses so that all the partners have a clear view of the financial absorption.

The closing discussion was followed and the partners took crucial decisions about the Project’s progress and the following steps for its implementation. They discussed all the remaining topics, focusing on the optimal dissemination of the project actions, via the further improvement of the Project website and the proposal for the participation in Fairs in the time ahead.  

For more information about the Project, interested parties can contact the Laboratory of Knowledge and Intelligent Computing (contact@kic.uoi.gr and 2681050234).

The representatives of the partners