2nd Consultation event in Arta

On Wednesday, July 28, 2021, at 10:30 in the Event Hall of the Archaeological Museum of Arta, Greece a Consultation Event for the Utilization of Cultural Heritage was held, organized by LB-University of Ioannina. The event presented innovative methodologies for designing and implementing the Cultural Experience in Arta as well as the results of qualitative and quantitative surveys conducted in the area of Arta. Potential stakeholders, active citizens, and entrepreneurs from the Cultural and Creative Industries participated in the surveys.

Specifically, the event started with the presentation of Prof. Chrysostomos Stylios, scientifically responsible for LB-UoI, “The SMARTiMONY project and its actions”. Prof. Stylios mentioned that the SMARTiMONY Project aims at the promotion of cultural tourism, the adoption of new innovative solutions – focusing on culture for economic and social development, the strengthening of the tourism product through the cultural and creative industry, the multiplication of revenues from cultural tourism, the attraction of tourists, presenting the tangible and intangible cultural heritage through innovative narrative techniques and multimedia, creating virtual spaces of cultural interest, providing tourism experiences based on the combination of innovative ICT products/services for the promotion of intangible assets of cultural heritage, in disseminating and promoting the results of the project to selected target groups through the cultural and creative industry.

This was followed by the presentation “Design and Implementation of Cultural Experience” by Dr. Dorothea Papathanassiou-Zuhrt, staff of LB-UoI, which presented examples from other areas where similar actions were implemented was observed an increase in the creative and cultural industries. Also, she referred to specific digital media and tools that it is possible to be developed to enhance the cultural experience.

Finally, the “Presentation of results of the qualitative and quantitative survey to stakeholders and employees in the Cultural and Creative Industries” by Katerina Schismenou, Philologist-researcher and Konstantinos Fotinis, staff of LB-UoI. The survey was conducted during the period April-May 2021 in the city of Arta in a sample of 80 respondents.

An open discussion followed, and the cooperation agreement for the SMARTiMONY Foundation was presented.